Product Review: Black and Decker 24” Hedge Hog Hedge Trimmer

00000119440 blackdeckerhedgehognht518hedgetrimmer large Product Review:  Black and Decker 24” Hedge Hog Hedge Trimmer

I made sure to add to the Hedge Hog Trimmer to my personal tool kit this past spring, and have been pleased with its operation, and “greener” profile in my tool shed. Black and Decker is following the current lawn tool trend to create cleaner and greener battery operated tools for the mass market. This tool is a must have for any gardener or landscaper with hedges or ornamental grasses that need annual or bi-annual trimming and shaping. Holding a full charge for about an hour of heavy use, this tool may not stack up in longevity against its gas and 2cycle cousins, but for the average homeowner it will tackle your jobs admirably. Batteries for the Hedge Hog Hedge Trimmer are the standard “one battery for all” 18 volt batteries used in all of their tool line-ups, and can be swapped out and charged one at a time for ever-ready power for jobs where you may run one battery down.

Here’s what I like about these tools. Since they are from Black and Decker, these tools are tough, and reliable.  Being battery operated they are easier for anyone to store, since they don’t require bi-yearly service, or the storage of gasoline and other chemicals for their operation.  They also are easy starters for those of us who struggle with choke operated machinery, and make sense for urban dwellers who need power tools to maintain the rooftop gardens that are quickly coming back into vogue.  They are also the safe and preferred choice of landscape contractors who need battery operated tools when traveling through buildings in the city to maintain the courtyard gardens of hotels.

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