Mailbox Garden Idea #3: A Simple Iris Bed for Color and Height

img 0147 300x225 Mailbox Garden Idea #3: A Simple Iris Bed for Color and Height

You don’t have to spend a fortune, or branch into plants-unknown if you want to have reliable blooms, and healthy foliage around your mailbox.  For the gardener who wants to keep things simple, a large bed of Irises around the mailbox provides March through May color, and lasting green foliage!

Fall is the best time to plant Irises if you want to guarantee spring blooming, so get your trowel ready!  As a very hardy perennial, they can be transplanted almost year-round and survive, but they prefer cooler temperatures, which help them adapt to new environments quickly.

Irises are one of the easiest plants to grow, and can be great fillers for a low-lying mailbox area that may catch a lot of street water. Irises love having their “feet” wet, but they can be equally successful in raised garden beds, and will produce large amounts of blooms with moderate amounts of watering.  A spot prime for Irises ideally will be an area that has a little shade, and soil that has some organic material in it, with a little sand mixed in (play sand from Home Depot can be substituted).

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