Free Container Designs From Better Homes and Gardens

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You don’t have to have a green thumb or endless container garden know-how to create an impressive pot of blooms, all you have to know is the right place to look for inspiration! Better Homes and Gardens website is a great place to start looking for ideas when you hit a mental roadblock.  They have a rotating slide show of 30 recipes for beautiful container gardens ready for your perusal, with names and labels on each plant to help you.  The recipes feature plants that are tried and true, and that work well together in a container garden. The pictures can be printed out and taken with you to the garden center for easy matching, or a rough idea of what textures and heights to mix together.

Next time you need an idea or two check out their site for a little inspiration, I know I do!

No-Mess Pumpkin Decorating

front rg pots fall 2008 0071 150x150 No Mess Pumpkin DecoratingBetter Homes and Gardens is offering all the joys of pumpkin carving without all the mess! Whether you live in the city and find pumpkins on short order, or just want to keep the grandkids busy on a rainy afternoon, you can log on to this site and design away, printing out refrigerator ready pics when you are through! Check it out!


Book Review: Better Homes and Gardens New Garden Book

new garden book 300x300 Book Review: Better Homes and Gardens New Garden BookWhen people ask me what my favorite gardening book is, this is always the first book that comes to mind!  Whether I am working in my own yard, or helping a friend with theirs, this is my favorite “first line of defense” book for handling basic gardening questions, and this is always the first book I loan out to people.  I recommend this book to any gardener, green or black thumbed, since it is so easy to read, has brilliant illustrations, and photography, and it covers all the major topics of concern for the urban, or city gardener. From tool selection, pruning, and propagation, to pest identification, and pond building, this book covers all the common home and garden topics under the direction of various authors who specialize in each field of discussion. A hefty paperback book of six hundred pages, this is no afternoon read, but the organization of the chapters makes any topic you need to research a breeze to find.  The Better Homes and Gardens New Garden Book is a also a valuable encyclopedia of annuals, and perennials, with detailed descriptions and photographs of thousands of individual plants.

This book ambitiously “throws the net wide” in an attempt to meet the common gardener where they are at, and succeeds in providing a valuable teaching tool, garden encyclopedia, and beautiful coffee table book, that I am proud to share with my friends and family.  You’re bound to find new inspiration, and new ideas for your hobby or vegetable garden with this book!

If you’d like your own copy, click here Book Review: Better Homes and Gardens New Garden Book for new and used copies at

Your thoughts: Do you have a favorite gardening reference that you recommend to others?