A Quick Fix For Sparrow Problems

magic halo 300x249 A Quick Fix For Sparrow Problems

Looking for a way to prevent House Sparrows from eating out of your feeders?   The Sparrow Free Magic Halo A Quick Fix For Sparrow Problems is a product I’ve been able to view up close for several months, thanks to a friend and avid birder. He amazed me with this simple Sparrow-proof fix for his woodside garden!  Don’t let the picture fool you, this little wire gadget works on the real deal even confusing Starlings, while allowing songbirds and woodpeckers to eat in peace.

How It Works:

The metal hoop attaches to, or can be hung over a wide variety of feeders. The strings of fishing line attached to the hoop are allowed to dangle free over and around the feeder. Sparrows and Starlings are strangely unnerved by the motion and appearance of the fishing line, and abandon the feeders leaving them alone permanently. It’s that simple, and yes, it really works!

Sparrow problems can be solved quickly with this 100% effective deterrent system from the pest control experts at “Bird-X.”  I’ve seen it work myself, and can attest to it’s usefulness.  Try it out around your favorite feeders to bring the birds you want into closer view