Can “Succulents” Be Planted With Cacti?

img 1680 768x1024 Can “Succulents” Be Planted With Cacti?

Yes, although many garden centers label succulents differently than cacti, they are in fact all members of the Succulent family.

Pot cacti and succulents in a potting mix recipe that contains a high amounts of sand and perlite.  Water them regularly in the summer, and withhold water in the winter completely if you are placing them in a cool 55 degree place to promote spring and summer blooms.  For Cacti and succulents that will not receive a winter rest, water them very infrequently in the winter months, and make sure that no matter the season that they receive plenty of sunshine.

The winter months are often the best months to search garden centers for wider varieties of Cacti and succulents since there is a larger market for interior plant sales.  Find shapes and sizes of these desert beauties that please your eye and try putting them together in large dish gardens.

A Potting Mix Recipe for Cacti

cactus A Potting Mix Recipe for Cacti

Cacti can be low maintenance dish garden staples, but planting them in a topsoil or potting soil bed will kill the plants in a relatively short time.  Making your own Cactus potting mix is easy with the right material.

What You Need:

  • Sand
  • Potting Soil
  • Perlite
  • Decorative Ground Sand or Pebbles

The Foolproof Recipe:

  • One part perlite
  • One part sand
  • Two parts potting soil
  1. Combine the ingredients either in a gardening pail, or in the container you will be using. The size of the container you are filling will determine the amounts of raw ingredient you need to purchase.

After the plants have been added to the container, sprinkle decorative ground rock and sand across the top to create the look or a desert, and make your plantings visually pop.

Photo Courtesy of:DaveMontPhotography