My New DIY Front Door Wreath

img 21291 1024x768 My New DIY Front Door Wreath

I love making my own decor!  Not only is it cheaper than buying something pre-fabricated, but it’s much more personal, and means that my accent pieces can say more about my home in general.

This year I really wanted to make a wreath for my deep blue front door, and I wanted something that I could feel comfortable leaving out in the cold, without fear of anything breaking.  Since I wanted the wreath to have blue tones in it, and also make a pleasant statement to my guests (think cinnamon scents) as they walk through the door, I hit my local Michaels crafts store, and found just what I was looking for.

I bought two rolls of blue wired ribbon, large navy jingle bells, wooden 2-D snowflakes, a bag of cinnamon scented pine cones, and some shatterproof Christmas balls.  I like to use one full roll of ribbon for HUGE bows on my wreaths, and used a large part of the second roll for weaving around the wreath.   I hot glued the other decorations onto the wreath to make the placement of everything permanent, and hung it on the door with a giant suction cup hanger.

Here’s the final product!  It wafts a warm cinnamon scent around you as you open the front door, and looks really charming, and winter-y from the street.  Since the colors are blue and white, I may leave it up longer than some of my other Christmas decorations.

Happy Holidays!

img 2133 725x1024 My New DIY Front Door Wreath