17 Spring Blooming Perennials, Evergreens, and Bulbs

There can be a gap in blooming time between the blooms of Tulips and Daffodils, and your common summer perennials, so these are seventeen of my favorite mid-spring bloomers that help bridge the blossom gap in the garden and keep color moving through your yard.  If you need a pop of color to tide you over before it gets warm, try your hand at growing one of these!

 17 Spring Blooming Perennials, Evergreens, and Bulbs

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Native To Know: Columbine

IMG 2559 1024x1024 Native To Know: Columbine

This native to know is a gorgeous bloomer with unique flowers unlike anything else you’ll find. A few varieties of the Aquilegia family are able to withstand full sun, but they are better known as shade loving plants, and make great additions to those hard to fill spots in low lit areas.

What You’ll Love:

  • Columbine are easy care perennials, and self seeders.
  • They are April and early May bloomers, that can be encouraged into flowering through the summer by plucking off the spent blooms.
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