Spot Treating With Natural Vinegar Weed Killer

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We all want to try to reduce our impact on our local environment, and here is one way to tackle your weeds with household vinegar, and eliminate toxic run-off from your yard.

White Vinegar can be purchased cheaply at any local grocery store, and it can kill a variety of weeds in your yard.  The USDA has done experiments for several years with experimental home-remedies, in the search for cleaner herbicide solutions. Their research led them to find that early spring weeds like Dandelions, and Thistle are vulnerable to straight Vinegar solutions in their first few weeks of growth when their tissue is still soft. While the majority of store bought vinegar is effectually a diluted version of true vinegar, even the “straight from the bottle” application to broadleaf weeds, and thistles is effective in killing them quickly in the spring, root and all. Late spring and summer applications may need multiple treatments, as the plants toughen and prepare for reproduction, and hot weather, so any use of straight vinegar should be applied to your yard early for real impact.

Apple Cider Vinegar, and White Vinegar can be mixed in gallon form with a variety of other household items like soap, table salt, water, and alcoholic beverages to make a more potent and environmentally safe weed killer for late season weeds.  Adding a cup of salt to a gallon of vinegar, and a small squirt of dish soap can create a valuable spray weed killer.  Not all vinegar recipes will kill the tough roots of a plant, but most will, and this DIY approach to weed killing has the effectiveness of Round-UP, killing anything it is sprayed on.  Use Vinegar carefully around turf grass, and plants that you want to keep.

Looking for more DIY Vinegar weed control recipes?  Read The Garden Counselor website for lawn and garden advice, and pick up a few great ideas of your own!

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Garden Tip: DIY Deer Repellent with Dried Milk

dried milk 300x300 Garden Tip: DIY Deer Repellent with Dried MilkYou don’t have to go any farther than your grocery store to purchase a green, and low cost solution that will solve your deer problems with a handy deer repellent.  I for one believe that if a homeowner wants to grow Vegetables, Tulips, Hosta, or Hibiscus, that they should be able to, without having to errect an 8ft. fence around them!

Common powdered milk, when dusted on your garden will easily prevent deer from eating those treasures in your garden!  Like many of the more expensive (and potentially harmful) chemical treatments on the market today, dried milk renders a plant inedible, and scent deterring to deer.  Deer do not like the smell or taste of milk after they have been weaned, and routine dustings of this harmless grocery item on your plants will train deer to believe that what you are growing in your yard is not edible.

If you are having trouble with deer try this method out!  It works on flowers, shrubs, and sapling trees. Powdered milk won’t harm your plants, or deter pollinators from them, and its a cheap fix that you can stock up on the next time you are already planning a trip to the grocery store.

Your Thoughts: Have you found a unique home remedy that works on repelling deer?  Have you tried Powdered milk?  Let me know if you find this method works for you!