Re-using Hardboiled Easter Egg Shells For Wild Birds

Easter Eggs Re using Hardboiled Easter Egg Shells For Wild Birds

Photo Courtesy of: jakeprzespo

Hardboiled eggs are making their seasonal comeback as snacks, decorations, and salad fixins at the same time that their crushed shells can benefit the local songbird population the most.

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My El-Cheapo Easter Update

I’m a bit spartan in my decorating habits, and the number of knick-knacks I allow to lie around the house. ¬†Most of the time I rarely notice the lack of photo’s, paintings, and decor, preferring to point my furniture toward the windows and enjoy the view of my roses and suet feeders. ¬†Winter’s lack of daylight encouraged me to install these shelves two years ago over my television (situated between two windows as well), and this spring I decided the all-season display I lay across them through most of the year was looking a little too boring for the amount of time I spend looking up at it.

Being in a rather thrifty state of mind, here’s what I whipped up to celebrate the spring season, with finds that were all under three dollars! [Read more...]