Why Are My New Seedlings Turning Yellow?

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Photo Courtesy of: Librarianguish

Question: I’m starting my own plants from seeds, and they are turning yellow and dying, why is that?

Yellow seedlings are a product of root damage from either a water or fertilizer problem at the roots.  Too much water and not enough air circulation at the roots can cause this, as can a lack of moisture.  Double check how much water you are using on you plants, and how often.  New seedlings need moisture every day, so use either less water, or change the time of day that you water, so the water feeds the plants and doesn’t either completely evaporate, or lay in the soil overnight, and promote rot. Also identify whether you have been using too much, or not enough fertilizer on them.

Lastly check over your seedling bed, and see if overcrowding could be the problem. Too much competition over natural resources can also cause yellowing and death in new plants.