A Drought Tolerant Ornamental Grass and Flower Container Garden

IMG 2693 768x1024 A Drought Tolerant Ornamental Grass and Flower Container Garden

My summer has been incredibly dry and hot with 3 of the last five days in the triple digits, but this container garden is still going strong with 3-4 waterings per week. This planter garden is packed with bright and refreshing colors, and 5 different types of drought hardy plants that fill in the container quickly, and make your thumb look greener than it may actually be.

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A Formal Rose Container Design

IMG 2625 607x1024 A Formal Rose Container Design

Formal container designs look organized and crisp in any setting, but my favorite place to use these is around doorway entrances. This week I chose to flank the front door to a busy office building with two matching formal rose designs that look like this, using a blue and hot pink palette.

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Red Osier Dogwood; ‘Red Twig’

red twig branch Red Osier Dogwood; ‘Red Twig’

We all like to have winter color, and there’s nothing more Christmas-y than the bright red branches of the Red Osier Dogwood.  This great North American native bush has beautiful architectural quality to it, and the crisp winter sun will literally glow off of it’s  branches.

This great native alternative works well in soggy areas, and drainage gardens, and makes a bright addition to pond banks.

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