Recycling How To: Donate Gift Cards To Charity

img 0529 300x225 Recycling How To: Donate Gift Cards To Charity

Nine Million dollars worth of gift card cash goes unspent every year in the USA. This year all nine million of those dollars can now be donated to charities who accept new and used gift cards as tax deductible donations. 

If you’ve got a giftcard you will never use, or want to give to charity after the post holiday rush and find yourself short on cash, you can donate your holiday giftcards and make a difference in the way someone else begins 2009. Most charities that welcome gift cards will accept both unused cards and those with a little balance left on them, so even cards that only have a few cents left on their balance can become change in the pocket of a worthy cause.

A few noteworthy causes that accept gift card donation are:

Check out  Gift Card Donor.Com for more great donation opportunities, or check with your favorite charity or environmental cause to see of they accept gift card donations, and try this new way to recycle.