2010 Gifts For Gardeners


Gifts1 2010 Gifts For Gardeners

The official gift giving season is upon us, but with birthdays, anniversaries, and the occasional need for appologies that include gift wrap, it helps to have a couple ideas on hand that will go over well with the gardener in your life.  Whether it is a gift for yourself or for a friend, here are a few great gifting suggestions for garden lovers!

  1. modern birdhouse from Oryx and Crake Design, is a break from the ordinary with it’s modern and open design! The house is constructed from weather treated bamboo, and runs about 95 dollars.  They look great hanging indoors or out, or can be attached directly to a tree for  feathered tenants.
  2. This watering can that will look great sitting next to your containers!  The 7.5 liter watering can is constructed from recycled plastics, available in green or black and is created by designer Pascal Charmolu.  The quantities sell out quickly with this model due to its popularity and are available off an on, so check back in if they are sold out this week.
  3. Grocery Gardening: Planting, Preparing and Preserving Fresh Food 2010 Gifts For Gardeners is a great read that helps you get more out of your vegetable garden, and provides time tested tips from three authors and garden bloggers to help you grow your own fruits and veggies! It’ll run you about
  4. These upsidown hanging planters from Mudpuppy run about 32 dollars per pair, and are a great architectural way to expand your growing space, and create an eye catching statement all at one time. The pots come gift wrapped, and look great indoors or out!  Pop an air plant in them for a no maintenance focal piece.
  5. Everyone likes a cute front porch bell, and this one from ETSY is homey and welcoming. Each bell come gift wrapped in decorative box tied with twine, and is giveaway ready!  These puppies looks folksy dangling below your favorite hanging basket or tree and catching the breese year round. Dog bells are hand made from high fire stone clayware, and are only made in limited quantities, so act fast if you want to round one of these guys up as a stocking stuffer!
  6. Chicken keeping is sweeping the nation, but when the average chicken tractor doesn’t get you excited, this charming modern coop will do just that!  This coop is created from reclaimed cedar, and can be shipped fully assembled to any place in the US and Canada for $750 plus shipping, or for a little less than 50 bucks you can purchase the blueprints, and build your own.  This coop makes a very popular gift for the small scale chicken enthusiast, and will look great in any back yard. Check it out!

I love this ecclectic selection of gardener friendly gifts, and I’ll be posting more great ideas on Wednesday of this week to help you get a jump on you holiday shopping! 

Until then, happy gardening!

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