How To Control Furry White Mildew In Potted Plants

mold How To Control Furry White Mildew In Potted PlantsFurry white mold and mildew can appear on your houseplants or on top of your potting soil if the conditions the plants are kept in are too warm and moist.  To control the growth of fungus on your houseplants you must first change the conditions of the environment that you keep the plants in.  Move the plants to a new location that is not as moist, or consider whether you are watering your plants too much.  Constantly saturated soil or moist soil is the perfect environment for fungal growth.

To kill and eliminate the mildew already on the topsoil, a light dusting of a drugstore Athlete’s Foot powder will manage the problem for you. Once you have removed the environmental triggers of the fungus growth, and killed the spores, you should have a completely clean container within two weeks.

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More DIY Deer Repelling Tips!

2676777225 8cdf152fc0 More DIY Deer Repelling Tips!It never hurts to have a few more trick of the trade in your arsenal when it comes to home remedy garden solutions!  Here are a few more DIY deer repelling tips this time from guest blogger Andy, an avid hunter and gardener, who’s rural backyard has taught him a thing or two about deer behavior.

Using powdered milk is a great trick for keeping deer off of one (or just a couple) plants but it can be difficult to keep up with because after a couple rains the powder milk is less effective. So here are a few more choices that might last a little longer or better suit your gardening needs. Each of my suggestions are based on past experience or things that I have heard talking to many people over the years on the subject.

  1. Use Hair Clippings:  My first suggestion for protecting small flower or vegetable gardens is similar to the powdered milk idea; human hair is one of the more popular methods second in line from the powdered milk. Deer smell humans and tend to get scared and leave that area. I have tried this method myself and it does work and can work very well for up to a month, this time frame will depend on the weather conditions and how much hair you use. I have been told by some that deer learn the scent of local humans after a while and are no longer fearful of that area and go about eating your plants.  The solution for this, and what I did from the get-go, is to use a decent amount of hair and change up who it comes from. Using hair from different humans is easy, all you have to do is go to your local barber shop or salon. They are normally more than willing to give you the hair for free which also makes this the cheapest fix for keeping deer away. Remember to put new hair out once every three to four weeks or as needed based on the weather to keep your garden deer free! A trick for keeping deer off of your larger bushes is simple, use the above methods but in order to make this work on bushes is to put some powdered milk around the front of the bushes or on the side that the deer commonly come from. After that you take small clumps of hair and tie them in the upper portions of the bushes, use thin twine and put them about every eighteen inches apart and at different heights. This has worked for me and other’s I know!
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