The Perfect Shrub For DIY Bouquets & Arrangements

Bouquet The Perfect Shrub For DIY Bouquets & Arrangements

If you are like me, the winter months can become frustrating with the lack of floral fodder from the garden close at hand to create indoor arrangements. Craft stores, florists, and even your local grocery store have plenty of floral supplies to help you fill the house with blooms, but for the true DIYer who enjoys building their own centerpieces, the right floral accent to make your designs stand out is as close as your local garden center. Why not save some money in the long term, and plant the perfect “ting” alternative in your very own yard?

There is a great plant on the market that has become a favorite in the florist industry for winter weddings and crafts. It is easy to grow, and available a many garden centers now across the country. This fabulous find is Harry Lauder’s Walking Stick.

Decorator Designs For Every Season:

  • Spring: Mix curly stems into a tall vase of Daffodils, and hang Easter eggs and neatly strung spring cut-outs from the boughs.
  • Summer: Prune smaller branches off the shrub, pick the leaves off, and use the twigs in place of ‘ting’
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Harry Lauder’s Walking Stick

walking stick Harry Lauder’s Walking Stick

Corylus avellana ‘Contorta’

Harry Lauder’s Walking Stick, is a shrub that is famous for it’s natural curlicue branching pattern. It’s common name is derived from a famous Scotsman in recent years, but it goes by many other names, including ‘Corkscrew Filbert,’ and ‘Contorted Hazelnut.’ It is easily grown in rich soil, and when left alone can grow to be 8 to 10 feet wide and tall, leading some to consider it more of a dwarf tree than a bush.  Continual pruning can restrain the size, and the Walking Stick has a good reputation for health and reliability in large containers as well.

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