What is the Green Stuff Construction Workers Spray on Newly Developed Areas?

3696478879 1f3d9cf80f b What is the Green Stuff Construction Workers Spray on Newly Developed Areas?

What Is That Green Stuff?

Through several phases of new construction, it becomes necessary for the development crews to apply what is known as “Green Tac” or “ Hydroseed” to the mounds and hills that they create.

During construction, all the soil movement necessary in creating level roadways and housing plots can cause major soil compaction, making it difficult for plants to re-inhabit these areas once the construction is completed. As the organic material (plant life and topsoil) is removed in the preparation process of a site, run-off also becomes a huge problem. If rainwater run-off is not held in check the construction project is in jeopardy of failure as the ground settles, and relocates in rain and snow storms. To control rainwater run-off, and as a step toward re-building the organic material back into the ground, hydroseed is applied to a site during several phases of a construction project. The seed mixture not only holds new seed to the construction embankments, but it also fertilizes the seed to ensure quick germination and root growth, to protect the engineered angles on the site. Hydroseed mixtures provide the nutrients and minerals necessary for grass seed to create a quick groundcover for these difficult areas. It is a well designed product for filling in these areas quickly and preventing tougher invasive plants from monopolizing these difficult areas.

What Is Hydroseed Made Of?

Hydroseed is comprised of a biodegradable glue, grass seed, newspaper pulp, lime and fertilizer. It is mixed with water at the time of application, and given an environmentally safe greenish color to show where the application has already been applied.

Photo Courtesy of:  Dan “Soggydan” Bennett