Gardeners Reap Bedroom Benefits

img 0080 225x300 Gardeners Reap Bedroom Benefits

Apparently if you’re a man, the time and place for a ‘quickie’ is in the garden with your clothes on!

A new study by the Medical University of Vienna linked a half hour of moderate gardening activity to both increased sexual performance for men and decreased impotence, along with a myriad of other mood, and stress relieving benefits! The study determined that  about 30% of all performance related issued in men were impacted by depression, and job related stress, impacting blood pressure, and mood. Planting, weeding and mowing for only a half hour per week cut sexual issues in the bedroom by a third, and burned 1,000 calories. Urologists determined that men who increased their gardening activity and who burned 4,000 calories per week cut their impotence risk by 52%!

How does gardening benefit the bedroom bottom line? The physical exercise involved in gardening, and the Vitamin D absorbed through sun exposure lowers blood pressure, benefits circulation, stirs endorphins, and strengthens the immune system. It provides an outlet for stress release, and a moderate exercise routine that almost anyone can participate in, and, unlike gym equipment, this routine will give you beautiful end results from the curb to the front door, with the potential of a happier partner when you walk inside.

It’s just one more reason to love gardening.  Check out the full article from