For Kids: Rearing Praying Mantis Young For Your Yard

5170 200B For Kids: Rearing Praying Mantis Young For Your Yard 5170 200 For Kids: Rearing Praying Mantis Young For Your Yard

If you’ve ever been curious about Praying Mantids and want to begin importing some to your yard, or if you just want to teach your child about the life cycle of insects, this is a great find!  These Praying Mantis Pagoda‘s come with a viable egg case which can be safely kept in the house to hatch your own Mantis young.  Simply follow the directions, and wait for the young to hatch, all within view!   The juveniles need to be placed outdoors soon after hatching to prevent cannibalism (one or two days after hatching) and make great assets in the garden as pest hunters extraordinaire.

The Pagoda and egg case set together cost 20 dollars, and are available in a set only from January through March. In cold climates where temperatures do not rise above 50 degrees regularly until March or April, make sure to order your case in the month of March to give your insects the best chance of survival when you move them outdoors. Mantids in the wild don’t wake up from hibernation to hatch until warmer weather, timed perfectly for when their food supply comes out. Frosty weather may kill any young placed out too early, so take care to set your Praying Mantis’ up for success outdoors.

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(Another great use for this pagoda is as a temporary way-station for those summer lightening bugs, and it can collapse flat for easy storage in between!)

How To Choose a Lawn Service

Pepperdine University How To Choose a Lawn Service

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Being in the “green business,” I get a lot of questions from friends and family about the pros and cons of lawn services over a Do-It-Yourself program. There is a lot of satisfaction to be gained in building your lawn up yourself, and for many people (myself included), puttering around in the yard is both an enjoyable hobby and a stress reliever. For those of you considering a lawn service for the next chapter in your life I would like to share with you my “insiders perspective” about what the strengths and weaknesses of the lawn care industry are, and give you some pointers on things to look for when choosing one for yourself. I will preface this post by saying that I am not employed by any lawn care service, and have no interest in recommending any one service by name. If you are considering a lawn service I want to give you the right questions to ask to help you find a company that will save you time, money, and environmental impact, all while building a beautiful and healthy lawn.

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