How To Control Furry White Mildew In Potted Plants

mold How To Control Furry White Mildew In Potted PlantsFurry white mold and mildew can appear on your houseplants or on top of your potting soil if the conditions the plants are kept in are too warm and moist.  To control the growth of fungus on your houseplants you must first change the conditions of the environment that you keep the plants in.  Move the plants to a new location that is not as moist, or consider whether you are watering your plants too much.  Constantly saturated soil or moist soil is the perfect environment for fungal growth.

To kill and eliminate the mildew already on the topsoil, a light dusting of a drugstore Athlete’s Foot powder will manage the problem for you. Once you have removed the environmental triggers of the fungus growth, and killed the spores, you should have a completely clean container within two weeks.

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Photo Courtesy of:  psyberartist