Hellebore in Bloom Helleborus

Hellebore Helleborus

These are the first bloomers in a winter garden, guaranteed to beat your seasonal bulbs out of the ground by at least a month!  Garden centers are filling shelves with them right now, and while their blooming won’t last much longer this year, a Hellebore purchased now will be sure to surprise you with flowers from mid winter through late spring next year. Go ahead and stock up on these seasonal beauties, and I’ll tell you why you’ll love them come next winter!

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A Tip To Rev-Up Liriope For Spring

img 0585 271x300 A Tip To Rev Up Liriope For Spring

Spring is still a few weeks away, but March is a great time to trim back any Liriope plants that you have in your yard! March is typically when I trim Liriope beds in formal landscape designs, since it forces the plants to jumpstart for the spring, and gets rid of last years yellowing or dead growth. In spots with heavy Liriope concentration, I recommend mowing the plant with a lawn mower down to about one inch in height, like you see here, to neaten the plant. Repeated mowing over the years also encourages the individual plants to grow in thicker before spreading thither and yon through your yard. Try this tip out this spring, and see if you can’t encourage a healthier plant in your landscape.