The Unexpected Fauna

box turtle 012 225x300 The Unexpected Fauna“Amy, I’m going to need you over at my location please. We have an animal situation.”

When I received this surprise call over the airwaves I was on location at work, and quickly radioed back the caller for clearer directions, sure that I was being called in for damage control in a potentially volatile situation with an animal that couldn’t be mentioned over the air. The last few scenarios on the job when I had been called to meet someone over an “animal situation” involved Possum babies trapped between automatic doors, a deer caught on the fence, and a starving Pit Bull Mix near the office space. When I met the coworker they earnestly told me that there was no immediate danger, but they were not sure if the turtle would attack anyone, and wanted me do something with the animal in case it was of the ‘Snapping’ variety.

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