A Magic Bean Review: They Aren’t Just In Fairytales Anymore

beancan 300x300 A Magic Bean Review: They Aren’t Just In Fairytales AnymoreStill looking for a cute Valentines Day gift? This year your gift giving options are that much better because you can take a literal cue from the Fairytales, and buy Magic Beans (giant not included) for someone special in your life! Magic Beans are gaining popularity this year as quirky gifts that hold all the appeal of common ‘message hearts’ candy and a potted plant, all rolled into one neat bundle, and they can be quickly shipped for the last minute buyer.

A form of living valentine, the gift-ready product comes pre-planted in a special container for about $5, and requires only water to grow in the potting medium. As the plant germinates, the message “I Love You,” appears written on the plants first buds to surprise and fascinate the object of your desire. The message stays on the plant’s leaves throughout the entire annual lifespan of the plant, and makes a cute gift for a significant other, or one of the lucky kids in your life.

How Does The Message Appear?

The method used to create the message on the leaves isn’t new, and simply requires a technique known as “scarification” to be applied to the seed itself. To make it work, the bean seed is etched with words or images which in turn appear on the growing plant as the seed casing sluffs off. Viola, a magic plant!

Can I Buy Beans With Other Messages?

For those of you preferring to create your own packaging, and who like your beans in bulk, you can check out this separate website and buy beans with multiple messages, and a variety of engraves images. The bean bundles come in groups of ten loose beans for DIY plantings, and cost $1.45.

sku 3051 2 small A Magic Bean Review: They Aren’t Just In Fairytales AnymoreAside from being guaranteed to work, and germinating quickly, these little beans are a charming way to share a simple message and the warm thoughts behind it. The beans are guaranteed to put a smile on someone’s face this February, and they are a cute way to “green” up your Valentines Day. I think these beans are a pretty sweet idea, and an inexpensive gift to boot.  I give two thumbs way up to these seeds!