Legislation And Green Building In The Future

Maryland is one of several states that has passed cobblestones 300x199 Legislation And Green Building In The Futurelegislation offering up to an 8% tax credit off the total cost for new construction for projects that follow specific guidelines for green construction methods. As the Environmental Protection Agency continues to influence future construction methods across the United States, legislation is moving it’s way to the top of several states priority lists that would tax newly construction roadways that are not built up to new green methods. 

Bills that will tax builders on the installation of impermeable surfaces, like pavement roads and sidewalks, may make our asphalt roads a thing of the past. Pavement roadways and sidewalks have been linked with everything from run-off and pollution issues, to the heat island effect that keeps our cities several degrees warmer than the surrounding suburbs. This new construction trend will not only impact large construction companies, but also the smaller contractors that install driveways, sidewalks and patio slabs around homes.  Pavers may soon become the standard in all home improvement projects that add to your outdoor living space, including areas around pools and garden paths.

Many landscaping companies are already making ‘paver only’ plans for homeowners seeking driveway, patio, and pool area additions as they prepare for this change in building code that they anticipate to occur in the next few years nation wide. How will this effect you?  If you are planning any home additions that will involve pavement in the next few years, always ask a contractor to get you prices for both pavement, and paver installation.  Where pavers were once more pricey than asphalt to install, new taxation on impermeable surfaces may mean that pavers come at a better price, while raising the value of your home at the same time.


Photo Courtesy of: daviddesign