Why Did Only Half My Forsythia Bloom?

3139028770 c77f75dd7b o 300x225 Why Did Only Half My Forsythia Bloom?The Forsythia blooms are now almost completely gone across the USA, leaving the roadside gardens a light hue of green as leaves fill in their place – and a few gardeners perplexed as to why only half the bush bloomed yellow this year.  

If you are like many gardeners, your bush may be the picture of health, with branches showing healthy foliage buds, or even full leaves by this time.  If your Forsythia is healthy, and simply skipped putting out yellow blooms with several branches skipping right to the foliage stage, you have a bush that has been pruned within the past year, and that needs maturation before flowering.

Forsythia plants blooms on old wood, and branches need at least a full year of growth before they will produce flowers.  If you do annual shaping on your bush, try to trim the plant back to the same approximate place every year, to encourage a uniform bloom, and overall shape. After a few years of trimming, your bush should reach a full appearance, and will bloom throughout the plant. 


Photo Courtesy of: Arielle*