Review: Organic “Deer Stopper” by Messina Wildlife

deerstopper Review: Organic “Deer Stopper” by Messina Wildlife

Messina Wildlife has a great organic, deer repellent spray that is safe on everything from your Pansies to your veggies.  Tested and given the seal of approval by the “National Home and Garden Club,” this ready to use pump spray bottle is easily used, and comes in 1 quart containers that will cover 1,000 square feet.

The product repels Elk, Moose and Deer, and the active ingredients are Eggs, Rosemary Oil, and Mint Oils, so you will feel no guilt in the process!  I use the product myself commercially, and find that it works for the average of 30 days, making the plants inedible for grazers.  The formula takes 20 minutes to dry and leaves a light herb smell in the area that is not unpleasant, or offensive. For a moderate deer population this product will end the desruction of your garden plants, and will need to be applied about every 30 days for season long deterrence.

I picked up my trial bottles at Home Depot, but they are sold nation-wide at home and garden centers in the pest control isles.  I highly recommend this product for its “green” ingredients, and its effectiveness.  Try this product next if you have a deer problem in your neighborhood!

Are Organics On The Menu For The White House?

3144647385 7d0c0ec1b7 300x199 Are Organics On The Menu For The White House?

I’ve read that President Obama isn’t keen on lobbyists in his White House, and recently restricted gift swapping to and from special interest groups and his staff, but I wonder if that rule encompasses the sharing of local fruits and vegetables? There’s a new breed of lobbyist coming to Washington, determined to ease the new President into the role of “Organic Gardener-In-Chief,” and they come with garden plans in hand!

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