A Hibiscus and Caladium Container Garden

IMG 27331 A Hibiscus and Caladium Container Garden

This Caladium and Hibiscus garden is great for several reasons, the number one being that this Caladium is sun loving and can thrive in areas that used to burn out a Caladium’s big, bright leaves. Additionally, this combination is the perfect thing for soggy corner areas that seem to promote mold and rot in other plants.

Recipe For This Container Garden:

  • 1 Yellow Hibiscus Tree
  • 3 Red Flash Caladium
  • 3 Rainbow Confetti Lantana

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A Formal Rose Container Design

IMG 2625 607x1024 A Formal Rose Container Design

Formal container designs look organized and crisp in any setting, but my favorite place to use these is around doorway entrances. This week I chose to flank the front door to a busy office building with two matching formal rose designs that look like this, using a blue and hot pink palette.

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Tropical Dracaena Container Recipe

Summertime is the perfect time to give your houseplants a new purpose by using them in outdoor displays. Plants like thisĀ Dracaena marginata also may need annual root trimmings to properly fit into you interior containers, so a summer repurposing is the perfect time to check on the health of your plants by checking the root system, and cleaning the interior containers out for fresh soil and fertilizing later.

img 1761 768x1024 Tropical Dracaena Container Recipe

Tropical Dracaena Display Recipe

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