Canadian Goose Eggs, And the Protocol for Population Control

IMG 2480 1024x768 Canadian Goose Eggs, And the Protocol for Population Control

The Federal Migratory Bird Act protecting Canada Geese has been adapted in recent years though to allow for careful population control in residential and agricultural areas. The new protective orders allow for careful and documented control of nests and eggs, giving land owners one more option in responsible wildlife oversight.

While Canadian Geese are still protected by the “Migratory Bird Act,” in recent years their population has grown by 300% in some areas of the United States , and caused issues in communities, and airport parks where the bird population poses a threat to human health and safety.  In 2006 a new protocol to handle goose populations under the oversight of the United States Fish and Wildlife Service came about in the form of the “Resident Canada Goose Nest and Depredation Order.” This order is completely separate from the Airport Depredation Order and Airport Control Orders, which is designed to keep our airports and flights safe from the threat of goose related damage.  The Resident Canada Goose Nest and Depredation Order is designed for landowners, businesses, and local municipalities that have issues with Canadian Geese, and who commit to responsible control methods which can now include egg addling, puncturing, and shaking.

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