Innovative Indoor Plant Grow Light

grow light Innovative Indoor Plant Grow Light

I’ve got some corners in my house that would be perfect for  a little planter or two, my only problem is that these dark corners are beyond the reach of my windows, and completely unsuitable for large grow lights. I discovered this small scale grow light this week while “window shopping” that was just too great not to share!

Solutions Catalogue online has this great tabletop sized grow light for small spaces, that is perfect for small spaces, tabletop containers, or shelf displays.  These grow lights run about 29 dollars, and are a great way to keep indoor plants healthy where window light is scarce.  I know a few friends who would love something like this to cheer up a dark corner in a basement apartment, but there are plenty of ways to incorporate something like this into your desk at work or even on a bookshelf at home.

Check it out if you are looking for something small to get things growing in your space!