Sowing A Harvest Of Trout

img 1366 300x199 Sowing A Harvest Of Trout

I grew up watching the Disney Sunday Movie, and the classic cartoons that proceeded them each week, and was reminded of an old “Humphrey The Bear” cartoon Thursday, when I spent a few minutes with a trout farmer who came to deliver his load of fish to stock one of my large corporate ponds.

The original cartoon involved a hapless bear’s efforts to fish successfully, but the part that I loved as a child was the forest rangers method of sowing fish seeds in giant water troughs for the beginning of fishing season.  If only trout were as easy aquire as the cartoon made them look – sprouting in eager rows in the fish hatchery! Fortunately my spring pond stocking is almost that easy, and a Virginia trout farmer was able to deliver about 260 golden and rainbow trout right to my door, and down into into the pond on a special chute.

It’s not plant related, but pond stimg 1364 2 150x150 Sowing A Harvest Of Troutocking is just one more sign that spring is here. Go in peace little Trout!