What To Do With Injured Or Abandoned Wild Birds

dove 256x300 What To Do With Injured Or Abandoned Wild Birds

The activity level of wild bird populations in spring and early summer is obviously much higher than in the winter, and with newly fledged birds still learning to navigate through yards and buildings, there is an increased number of bird injuries near human populations.  From house-cat hunting injuries, window collisions, and nests being built in inappropriate places (like clothes dryer vents), there may come a time when you will want to know “what do I do with this bird?”

For young babies, and adult birds, whose survival seems likely, there are Wildlife Rehabilitators in your area who will be able to assist you in bringing your wild bird back to full health.  Most of these rehabilitators have received specialized training and licences to care for wildlife legally, and their services are free to the public.  There have been a few times in the past that I have asked a rehabilitator to take a bird, or a nest full of abandoned babies, and each time, they have not only been helpful, but have also given me valuable information about the species itself.

How To Find A Rehabilitator:

  • Ask your veterinarian if they can recommend anyone to you.
  • Contact the Ornithology Society, or group, active in your state.
  • Contact The Audubon Society, or a Wild Bird Store for local contacts
  • Call your local Humane Society, State Wildlife Agency, or City Animal Control office.
  • Check the US Fish and Wildlife Website, they will have a list for rehabilitators in your area.

For birds in need, visit this great resource, for a visual map, and checklist to help you discern the proper action to take for wounded, or abandoned birds. It also features a detailed list of the steps to take when securing baby birds for pick-up by a rehabilitator.

Your Thoughts: Have you ever run across an injured or abandoned wild bird?  What did you do?