Hedgerow Roses: Pruning For Blossoms

IMG 2495 1024x1024 Hedgerow Roses:  Pruning For Blossoms

Hedgerow roses have been used for centuries to ornament walkways, and as a natural fencing method for livestock.  If you are pruning roses for livestock, a taller, and more “woody” rose is what you need to contain your animals.  If your hedgerow roses are simply for aesthetics, then you should prune them in a way that will maximize your blossoms. Here is my prescription for yearly pruning.

Timing: Early spring is the best time to complete heavy pruning to your hedgerows, choose a day for this project after the danger of severe frost has past. By pruning at the same time that the plant is coming out of dormancy, and before the majority of insect pests are prolific enough to damage it, the bush can maximize it’s growth, produce more leaves and flowers, and heal before it is vulnerable to pests, or the stress of summer heat.

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