Hound Dog Cultivator Review

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There are a few garden tools that can help you complete several types of garden tasks without really breaking a sweat, and this tool is an easily found workhorse that will fill just such a void.

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101 Flower Arrangements; A Review

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Chase away your winter blues permanently this year by filling your home with creative arrangements made by you!  This beautifully illustrated resource and coffee table book is a must have for the DIY decorator.

101 Flower Arrangements: Stylish Home Ideas 101 Flower Arrangements; A Review is filled with creative ideas, step-by-step instructions, and lists of online floral suppliers. This book strives to teach you the basics of floral design, and then build your confidence in creating looks that are personal to you.

Whether you are ready to take on new and exciting plants, or just want to make the most of the flower bundles from Trader Joes, this book will teach you how to arrange beyond the vase.

Pick it up and Enjoy.

Big Bend Border Collies; A Review

bbdoglogo Big Bend Border Collies; A Review

Before many of the Canadian Goose control companies that work solely with Border Collies came onto the radar, my company was in bind over our goose problems and called on Barbara Ray of what was then Seclusival Kennels, and is now Big Bend Border Collies.  We needed a solution to gently remove the federally protected Canadian Geese from our property, and our problem had swelled to flocks of several hundred birds.  With Geese pooping up to a pound per bird per day, and mastering the use of automatic motion sensor doors, our property inside and out was in need of some serious help!

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The Complete Guide to Trees and Shrubs; A Review

51WRTJN0T1L. SS400  The Complete Guide to Trees and Shrubs; A Review

I love cheat sheets!  I love Cliffs Notes!  I love Ortho gardening books!

The Complete Guide to Trees and Shrubs The Complete Guide to Trees and Shrubs; A Review is a 224 page book that will give you all the tools you need to create vibrant tree and shrub landscape designs.

Want to add more bushes and trees to your yard that have winter berries?  There’s a chart for that, including calendar times for each flower and berry.  Want purple flowering shrubs?  There’s a list. Looking for trees with sculptural winter interest? Look no farther for several ideas.  Need a quick reference guide to common pests that might be killing your landscaping and solutions on how to eradicate them?  There is a chapter on common pests, with photos, maps of common locations, and analysis on how exactly they impact your garden.

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A Quick Fix For Sparrow Problems

magic halo 300x249 A Quick Fix For Sparrow Problems

Looking for a way to prevent House Sparrows from eating out of your feeders?   The Sparrow Free Magic Halo A Quick Fix For Sparrow Problems is a product I’ve been able to view up close for several months, thanks to a friend and avid birder. He amazed me with this simple Sparrow-proof fix for his woodside garden!  Don’t let the picture fool you, this little wire gadget works on the real deal even confusing Starlings, while allowing songbirds and woodpeckers to eat in peace.

How It Works:

The metal hoop attaches to, or can be hung over a wide variety of feeders. The strings of fishing line attached to the hoop are allowed to dangle free over and around the feeder. Sparrows and Starlings are strangely unnerved by the motion and appearance of the fishing line, and abandon the feeders leaving them alone permanently. It’s that simple, and yes, it really works!

Sparrow problems can be solved quickly with this 100% effective deterrent system from the pest control experts at “Bird-X.”  I’ve seen it work myself, and can attest to it’s usefulness.  Try it out around your favorite feeders to bring the birds you want into closer view

Product Review: Black and Decker 24” Hedge Hog Hedge Trimmer

00000119440 blackdeckerhedgehognht518hedgetrimmer large Product Review:  Black and Decker 24” Hedge Hog Hedge Trimmer

I made sure to add to the Hedge Hog Trimmer to my personal tool kit this past spring, and have been pleased with its operation, and “greener” profile in my tool shed. Black and Decker is following the current lawn tool trend to create cleaner and greener battery operated tools for the mass market. This tool is a must have for any gardener or landscaper with hedges or ornamental grasses that need annual or bi-annual trimming and shaping. Holding a full charge for about an hour of heavy use, this tool may not stack up in longevity against its gas and 2cycle cousins, but for the average homeowner it will tackle your jobs admirably. Batteries for the Hedge Hog Hedge Trimmer are the standard “one battery for all” 18 volt batteries used in all of their tool line-ups, and can be swapped out and charged one at a time for ever-ready power for jobs where you may run one battery down.

Here’s what I like about these tools. Since they are from Black and Decker, these tools are tough, and reliable.  Being battery operated they are easier for anyone to store, since they don’t require bi-yearly service, or the storage of gasoline and other chemicals for their operation.  They also are easy starters for those of us who struggle with choke operated machinery, and make sense for urban dwellers who need power tools to maintain the rooftop gardens that are quickly coming back into vogue.  They are also the safe and preferred choice of landscape contractors who need battery operated tools when traveling through buildings in the city to maintain the courtyard gardens of hotels.

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Book Review: Better Homes and Gardens New Garden Book

new garden book 300x300 Book Review: Better Homes and Gardens New Garden BookWhen people ask me what my favorite gardening book is, this is always the first book that comes to mind!  Whether I am working in my own yard, or helping a friend with theirs, this is my favorite “first line of defense” book for handling basic gardening questions, and this is always the first book I loan out to people.  I recommend this book to any gardener, green or black thumbed, since it is so easy to read, has brilliant illustrations, and photography, and it covers all the major topics of concern for the urban, or city gardener. From tool selection, pruning, and propagation, to pest identification, and pond building, this book covers all the common home and garden topics under the direction of various authors who specialize in each field of discussion. A hefty paperback book of six hundred pages, this is no afternoon read, but the organization of the chapters makes any topic you need to research a breeze to find.  The Better Homes and Gardens New Garden Book is a also a valuable encyclopedia of annuals, and perennials, with detailed descriptions and photographs of thousands of individual plants.

This book ambitiously “throws the net wide” in an attempt to meet the common gardener where they are at, and succeeds in providing a valuable teaching tool, garden encyclopedia, and beautiful coffee table book, that I am proud to share with my friends and family.  You’re bound to find new inspiration, and new ideas for your hobby or vegetable garden with this book!

If you’d like your own copy, click here Book Review: Better Homes and Gardens New Garden Book for new and used copies at Amazon.com.

Your thoughts: Do you have a favorite gardening reference that you recommend to others?

Garden Weasel Cultivator Review

garden weasel1 Garden Weasel Cultivator Review


Anytime someone introduces a new tool to you with the preface “I took thiswith me to Iraq,” you know it’s probably worth paying attention to them! Recently I volunteered with a local community service organization called Rebuilding Together, which specializes in home renovation for the elderly to help make homes warmer, safer and drier.  During that, of all places, I accidentally stumbled upon the Garden Weasel Golden Claw Cultivator Garden Weasel Cultivator Review.  A volunteer working with me brought this tilling and aerating tool to the site that he said he swore by, even to the point of taking the tool with him to Iraq when he was stationed there. Our group had really been struggling with some very dry, compacted soil and deep weeds around a neglected front porch. After repeatedly pounding out chunks of soil with shovels and filling our growing trenches with water to soften the soil, we were ready to explore new ideas! The tool handed to us was a multi-pronged garden tool with a bent handlebar that reminded me of my childhood bike more than any hand tool I was used to. I’m pretty sure my first thought was that I had seen this on an “As seen on TV” commercial, and I doubted that the tool could be as great as the glowing review that came with it – after all, how could I have never heard of this tool if it was that great?

In a very short amount of time I realized how quickly the other volunteers were making progress with the new tool - and the garden bed! The other volunteers were actually taking turns using the tool by choice, so they could get a feel for it, and were talking excitedly with each other about how easily this tool cut through the soil. To make a long story short, that morning we used the one tool to till an area for a garden bed, to dig holes for the installation of mature Azalea bushes, to mix topsoil into the garden, to pull weeds out of sidewalk borders areas, and to remove grass for the installation of sod.

In the time since this tool has been brought to my attention, I have used a few similarly designed tools, such as the “Hound Dog” from Garden Hound Tools, but their design, and usefullness has not been as impressive. This Garden Weasel Cultivator has a trademark curved handlebar (that similar products lack), and six sharply angled 6 inch prong legs in its ergonomic design. It comfortably, and smoothly multiplies your upper-body strength exponentially through the tool, breaking through tough weeds and soil in seconds, without creating the strain on your wrists, and shoulders that other tools can cause. As a small framed woman myself, I greatly appreciate any tool that saves my back and shoulders from strenuous repedative movements, and which can maximize the upper body strength I have to get a job done quickly. This tool surpassed both my expectations, and that of coworkers, for whom I later provided this tool to. In my opinion, it is vastly superior to all other look alike tools! Since my initial purchase of the tool for my own use, I have shared it with every age group, including the elderly, and always received glowing reviews of the tool afterward.

Ordinarily, I do not get very excited about yard tools, but this one tool has created such a buzz with anyone I have shared it with, that I wanted to pass the information along to other gardeners! If you are looking for a good all around, multi-purpose garden tool, then absolutely check out the Garden Weasel! If you have a neighbor who owns one, ask to borrow it for your next small yard project, and see how much quicker you can get the job done. I really cannot recommend this product enough!

I highly recommend this product.  You can pick up your own Garden Weasel at Amazon and save yourself back alot of pain, and time!

Your thoughts:  Have you used the Garden Weasel before?  What were your thoughts?  Have you used other similar tools with great/little success?  Let me know!