Why Is My Succulent Getting ‘Leggy?’

IMG 2450 1024x768 Why Is My Succulent Getting ‘Leggy?’

Question:  Why is my succulent getting ‘leggy’ and dying off at the bottom?

Great question!  Succulents come from bright, arid climates, and if you keep them in areas of indirect light they will get ‘leggy.’  If you have been keeping this little guy away from a nice bright window, or an indoor grow light now is the time change your strategy, and to make a few cuttings from the top for propagation.

If you have a rooting powder, take a cutting off the tops of the plants, dip the cut end in the rooting powder, and plant them in a dish with a good succulent potting mix. Keep the new cuttings in a moist, bright area, and wait a few weeks for new root systems to develop. Once the cuttings are ready for transplanting you can start over with your new plants.