My Solar Fountain Circa 2010

IMG 2860 1024x768 My Solar Fountain Circa 2010

This spring I purchased the Solar SunJet 150 for my tiny front yard pond by the mailbox.  It worked perfectly all spring and summer, sparkling and splashing away in the bright sunlight. The gurgling water attracted all kinds of city wildlife that I might not have seen otherwise, like Mockingbirds, stray cats, a groundhog, stray cats, House Sparrows, stray cats, Dragonflies, stray cats, and Raccoons.   With variety like this, who needs national parks?  Not this girl!

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STI Solar Fountain SunJet 150 Review

51wM3t0tccL. SS500  STI Solar Fountain SunJet 150 Review

The Solar Fountain SunJet 150:

This is the first solar powered fountain I’ve purchased for my own personal use, and thus far it’s been everything that it was advertised to be.  It’ll run you about 70 bucks from Amazon or the pond supply stores, and it runs beautifully, arriving with 3 different fountain heads for different looks.

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