Ortho “Total Kill”, and Spectracide “Wasp and Hornet” Spray Reviews

img 1910 225x300 Ortho “Total Kill”, and Spectracide “Wasp and Hornet” Spray Reviews

Wasps and Hornets can serve a purpose in the garden, but when their nests appear in doorways, play areas, and vehicle crevices, a fast acting chemical spray to eliminate the nesting insects is a must-have! Big box stores offer a wide selection of pesticide products designed to eliminate the nesting habits of Wasps and Hornets, killing the insects on the nest, and repelling any other insects from nesting in the area once the product has dried. Over the course of the summer I purchased several bottles of each of the following products at varying times and locations, and here are my findings with these popular brands.

Ortho Total Kill brand of Wasp and Hornet Spray is a foaming formula that shoots 20 feet, and claims to kill on contact.  After using this product myself on both Wasps and Hornets, this product not only failed to kill the insects, but it failed to repel them from their nesting site. Both Wasps and Hornets climbed out of their nests through the foam, and continued to hover around the nest making further contact with the nest potentially hazardous to me.  One empty can later, there was no impact at all on the nesting site, and three hours later all the insects were sitting right back where they started. My business used several cans over the course of many months, purchased at different times

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