Bright Evergreen Color For Raised Planter Boxes

img 1540 1024x768 Bright Evergreen Color For Raised Planter Boxes

I worked with a client recently to change the landscaping in front of her newly remodeled home, including the three tiered planting boxes that framed in her front steps. Like other large planters this one held remnants of miscellaneous flowers, and a large amount of ‘Blue Rug’ Creeping Juniper, but weeds were filling in the open spaces, and the homeowner wanted something more formal and low maintenance.

Large planting boxes can be intimidating because whatever is grown in them becomes such a focal point. The wrong combination of plants necessitates frequent trimming to keep any growth off  nearby walkways, and when near an entrance, a regular schedule of deadheading, and weeding is necessary to maintain a neat appearance. Rather than struggling to contain flowers and shrubs in these architectural pieces, I recommend using combinations of evergreens around front entrances, to provide formal and easily contained color. [Read more...]