Inverted Bell Water Feature

Woodfired Bellurn 04 Inverted Bell Water Feature

I love water features!  Have I mentioned that?  What’s that?  Too many times?  Well, cover your eyes land-lovers, cause here comes another one!

Take a look at this inverted Bell urn.  Not only does it look mottled and textured, like a historic artifact, which I love, but it also is a really creative use of a bell shape.  I could see this in an all American yard (a-la-liberty bell) near Shasta Daisies, or worked into a more Japanese or Tibetan theme.  This would look beautiful surrounded by formal topiary and pea gravel, or hugged on one side by Russian Sage, and presiding over Hen and Chicks.  Where would this water feature not look good!

What a beauty. This goes on my list as a great low maintenance water feature. Check out the website through the link above, and purchase the tubing and pumps at your local garden center to save a little dough.

Your Thoughts:

What creative water gardens have you seen?  What shapes are your favorite?

Little Golden Book Birdhouses

cars1 Little Golden Book Birdhouses

I absolutely love unique birdhouses, and as an avid reader I can’t think of a cuter idea than combining my love for both into one complete package.  Enter the Little Golden Book Birdhouse series!  Behold the cuteness, and tremble!

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