How To: Use Pachysandra As A Ground Cover For Underneath Decks

img 0342 225x300 How To: Use Pachysandra As A Ground Cover For Underneath DecksFall is a great time to get your hands dirty, mixing a little functional gardening in with your weekend projects. A way to complete two tasks at once with bald earth underneath decking, is with the plant Pachysandra. This hardy little ground cover can not only thrive in low light areas with little moisture, but it also doubles as a strong erosion control method, for hilly areas.

This picture was taken at the home of some friends who are using this plant to fulfill both of those two functions, in an area too awkward to mow, and with little light or maneuvering room for other garden plants, and weeding.

How To Plant Pachysandra:

Once you have identified an area you want to use Pachysandra as a groundcover for, measure the area, and plot out the number of young plants you will need to buy, factoring in one Pachysandra plant per 12 inches.  Prepare the garden bed, if the soil is not not sufficiently nutritious for new plants, by ammending the soil and mixing in leaf compost, or rich topsoil. Plant the young plants with about 1/4 inch of dirt covering them, and make sure to keep them regularly watered for the first few weeks, to encourage healthy growth.  For hiily areas, a light covering of mulch over and around the plants will help keep the soil and water around the Pachysandra while it is still becoming established, and retain the moisture better for the root systems.  Regular annual mulching of these plants will be optional after the first year.

Once your Pachysandimg 0345 225x300 How To: Use Pachysandra As A Ground Cover For Underneath Decksra has become established, it will require very little by way of watering, and the plant can be trimmed with a string trimmer, to retain it within the bound of it’s garden bed, or simply mowed over with a lawn mower, if it tries to spread into the lawn.  Without regular fertilizing, this plant will remain happily contained within the space you plant it, and will fill in to create a lush evergreen carpet, that can cover a multitude of soil or grading related sins.  It’s also great in shaded areas, and will reduce, or eliminate the need to weed, as it grows to cover the soil, and block the light source weed seeds need to germinate!

The plants themselves are common enough to find at most garden stores, or can be ordered in large quantaties online from providers like Spring Hill Nursery who will ship plants to your doorstep. If you have an akward underdeck area that needs a little TLC, try using this plant, and enjoy a lush garden look with little to no labor involved after initial planting.

Your Thoughts: Have you used Pachysandra around any tough-to-fill areas on your property?  Would you recommend this plant to others?