Mailbox Garden Idea #2: Triangular Garden for Amazing Curb Appeal

img 0285 225x300 Mailbox Garden Idea #2: Triangular Garden for Amazing Curb AppealFor the sunny garden location that you don’t want to have to “baby” with lots of water and time spent weeding, try this great plan for an easy-care mailbox garden bed that will also add some impressive curb appeal!

This bed was designed with a 90 degree triangle shape, with the mailbox snug in the “bottom” corner, between the curb and the driveway. The two sides of this triangle that make up the right angle, are planted with five evenly spaced clumps of Variegated Liriope, right at the curb, and driveway line. The middle section depth is filled with bright Black Eyed Susans for summer and fall color. The back row (farthest from the street), running the length of the final line in our triangle, is filled with a row of Dwarf Fountain Grass, or what some call “Foxtail Fountain Grass.” All of these plants are hardy perennials that will self seed, and spread on their own accord.  They each do very well with minimal watering, and the Black Eyed Susans are a terrific native plant that not only bloom from summer to fall, but also attracts Goldfinches, who feed on the dried flower heads.

For those who prefer a visual aide, I’ve also prepared a visual layout of this garden to help you plan a garden of your own!

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