Fruits And Veggies You Can Safely Plant In Your Yard In Early Spring

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A little cold weather won’t bother these toughies!  To get  jump start on your fruit and vegetable garden move young or indoor grown seedlings of Rhubarb, Blackberry, Asparagus, and Strawberry plants outside in March.   These plants can thrive outdoors in the fickle temperatures of early Spring, and be ready for harvest quickly.

Quick Tips:

  • Rhubarb grown in colder climates will be harvest ready in April or May, or in the Fall if planted later.  When grown in the southern areas of the USA or in the Southern Hemisphere it can be grown year round for pies and jellies.
  • Blackberries, and Strawberries will be harvest ready in the June through October window with regular picking.  As with most berries, picking off a few fruits or flower buds before maturation will reduce the competition between the ovaries, and provide you with fewer, but much larger fruit.
  • Asparagus doesn’t take up much room during the planting and harvesting stage, but from mid to late summer when it needs to be allowed to fill out and produce berries, it can be a total garden hog!  Make sure to plant this delicious beast somewhere where its loose fern shape won’t offend your garden scheme, or impede pathways.  Garden centers advise that a three year old plant is the most reliable producer, so don’t  plan on instant gratification with this favorite gourmet veggie.  For long term success, it’s best to leave the plant alone for a few years to allow it to really take to root in your veggie patch.
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AeroGarden Review: Make Indoor Herbs A No-Brainer

aerogrow aerogarden 6 black w gourmet herb seed kit 200411746016 AeroGarden Review: Make Indoor Herbs A No Brainer

By far one of my favorite gifts under the tree, the AeroGrow AeroGarden with Gourmet Herb Seed Kit was a welcome surprise for a green thumb like me, who misses gardening during the winter months. A solution for year-round indoor herb and flower growing, this all containing unit consists of growth lights, seed pods, and fertilizers that work together in a soil-less counter-top garden. The premise of the system is built on aeroponic technology, which allows for a more bountiful crop when plants are grown in a highly oxygenated and nutrient rich pool of water. AeroGarden has perfected this technology for the average consumer by creating a product that more or less runs itself when set up correctly, and is family and novice gardener friendly.

The kit can be assembled in five minutes or less, with or without the detailed directions, and is up and running as soon as you plug it into the wall.  The hood lamp is adjustable, and can grow in height along with your plants, and the center piece of the garden kit holds within it the water basin, and air bubbler. The base of the unit contains a pre-programmed computer that will monitor the water level, growth light timing, and fertilization for you, once the variety of seed being planted is selected from the menu (ie: herb, veggie, flower, etc.) Once the initial set-up is completed, lights on the base of the unit will alert you to a need for fertilization or water, taking all of the guess work out of indoor gardening. This also assists the novice gardener by preventing two of the main causes of house plant death, over-watering, and fertilization problems.  The Nutrient tablets that come with the kit are well labeled and rationed for you, needing only to be added when the garden system alerts you to a need for either. Seed pods consist of small, pre-planted baskets, with a peat moss lining, that snap into the open holes over the water basin.  All the pods are well labeled with the plant’s name and future height (short, medium, tall), along with a hint as to when the first sprouts should appear.

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