The 100% Eco-Friendly Way to Green Up Your Lawn Overnight

Front Yard The 100% Eco Friendly Way to Green Up Your Lawn Overnight

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There’s a reason that the lawns always look so green and lush in the movies, and it’s not lens color filters either.  For special occasions from backyard weddings, to family reunions, there is a 100% environmentally safe way to give your yard a deep, dark, green color in mere hours.

Lawn professionals have been using this little trick for years on sports fields, golf courses, and movie shoots, and any reputable lawn company will be able to provide you with this service at your home just in time for Spring.  The secret to a deep healthy green yard is in an “iron treatment” applied to your lawn by a professional lawn company.  Iron treatments are liquid applications of finely ground iron shavings that are watered into your lawn, and actually absorbed by each individual blade of grass.  Once the iron is absorbed, the mineral causes a chemical reaction with the chlorophyll in the grass, and the grass begins turning a rich, dark, green within 2-4 hours.  The mineral causes no harm to the environment, and the lawn gradually fades back to it’s original color in 4-6 weeks once the iron has run it’s course.

If you do not usually use a lawn company, phone a few companies, and price out this service. A representative from the company you choose will most likely visit you in the home to see your yard and talk with you.  They may suggest a preliminary treatment a week or two ahead of any iron application, where they would like to spot treat or broadcast herbicide to your weeds, so you do not end up feeding the weeds.  Discuss whether a weed treatment will meet your needs or not, and do not feel any pressure to sign up for more than you, or your budget is ready for.

When to Apply:

An iron application needs to be applied in cooler weather when it works best with the grass, and can be absorbed quickly and safely.  Hot summer weather causes most grasses to go dormant and slow their growing cycle. Choose a time in the spring or the fall for this treatment, and disregard the advice from any company that suggests anything different, or you may end up wasting your money and seeing very little for your investment.

Try this tip prior to your next special event, and wait for the compliments to roll in.

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