The Best Grass Seed to Use for Quick Cover in Bare and Hilly Areas

img 1855 1024x768 The Best Grass Seed to Use for Quick Cover in Bare and Hilly Areas

When starting to seed a bare area the best grass seed to use for quick germination and erosion control is Rye grass, or a Rye grass blend.  Rye grass is used by the pros in commercial landscaping, and around homes to “start” a lawn, and it works particularly well on hills and areas that may experience run-off.  Rye has a quick germination rate, and will spread and anchor itself with a dense root system that grows rapidly even in acidic soil and soil with minimal organic material in it. When seeding new lawns Rye Grass is the perfect seed to use either in blends, or as a precursor to overseeding with another variety of grass. The root systems not only holds the soil in place for slower growing grasses to get a good start in germination, but they also store and bring to the surface any Nitrogen in the soil, which helps deliver nutrients to the smaller and newly developing root systems of the younger grass.

Why it’s A Match for Your Bare Patch:

  • It grows rapidly.
  • The root system prevents erosion, and anchors other developing grass seed.
  • It becomes a Nitrogen delivery system in the lawn.
  • It is low growing.
  • It suppresses weed growth as it spreads.
  • It is virtually pest and disease proof, and thrives even in areas of Nematode and bacterial damage.
  • It remains green in the winter.

How to Use Rye Grass:

When working with a preexisting lawn, simple overseeding in the lawn will suffice, and fill in areas prone to erosion.

In new lawns, use a seed mix with a high percentage of Rye grass in it.  All bagged grass seed lists the seed varieties and percentages on the side of the bag, and the higher the percentage of Rye grasses in a blend, the faster your new lawn will develop. Rake lightly the soil areas you are seeding and broadcast the seed across the lawn.  Once the Rye grass takes hold of the area you can overseed with another grass mix variety, or simply stick with annual and perennial rye seeds and have a solid rye grass lawn.

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  1. Ryegrass is awesome. I will be using it when I begin my personal farming endeavors one day. It is great at erosion control Speaking of erosion control, we at Soil Tech are very passionate about erosion control as well.

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