The Skinny on Landscaping Professionals

Estate Lawn The Skinny on Landscaping Professionals

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It’s time for the facts.

I’ve become the person many other landscape professionals admit to being.  The one who’s lawn is their last priority when they come home from work.   It’s a well-kept secret that many of us in the lawn and property management field are so sick of being sweaty, soil basted, and tired at the end of the day that we’re not interested in running a Scotts lawn program on our tiny acreage.  It’s our dirty little secret. We have weeds, we have clover, and we hire high school kids to mow the lawn.

There, I said it.

I mow my lawn. I also don’t have any high school aged kids in my neighborhood that are still attending school, and I care deeply about rewarding truancy.  I’m also a very cheap person. Please apply whichever of the previous excuses make me sound like a better person as the reason why I mow my own yard, and thusly deserve status points over many of my fellow horticulturists.

I have no ready excuse for the reason I allow Ground Ivy to ramble all over my backyard. Do I appreciate the safety of the chemical-free grass for my dog?  Absolutely.  Do I enjoy seeing the groundhog grazing away on the clover every afternoon?  Actually I absolutely do.  Is it only for the sake of the environment that I go chemical free in my yard?  No.

And now you have the goods on me.

And I can sleep soundly at night.


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  1. I think this is true in almost every field. Back in the day when I programmed all day at work, the thought of spending the evening working on a computer program “for fun” just seemed like a terrible proposition. Now that I don’t get to program anymore, I really enjoy being able to come home and do some in the evening! I think once a hobby becomes a “job”, you’ve had just about enough of a good thing at the end of 40+ hours.

  2. Amy says:

    I think your right about that. Too much work day familiarity does take a little of the shine off of a hobby some times. It’s a focus adjustment, and I’m sure that will change again over time because I do love gardening, and working outdoors. Thanks for comment!

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