They Aren’t That Mute

Mute Swans have more vocalizations than you might think.  Aside from their snorts, and grunts, and hisses of displeasure, they have a squeal that they let out if they are upset about something, or startled.  It doesn’t happen often, but when it does it’s really more of a “Squonk” than a squeal, and adequately covers their displeasure.

This particular ‘squonk’ came after the goose control dog decided to practice his craft on the Mute Swans, whom he usually ignores.  The Swans have worked him out of a job with their own goose control methods, and he hates to miss out on a swim when the weather is hot!

I took the picture below a few second before I shot the video. The dog knows not to touch the birds, and the swans know that as well, but this game of ‘Marco Polo’ upset them all the same.

IMG 2469 1024x728 They Aren’t That Mute

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