Treegator Drip Irrigation Bags, A Review

gator bag Treegator Drip Irrigation Bags, A ReviewTreegator Logo2 Treegator Drip Irrigation Bags, A Review

These green bags are worth their weight in gold for those of us in the industry, and they are one item that translates well to the homeowner’s arsenal as well. I use the 20 gallon version of this Treegator often on newly planted trees, and they are a great tool to have on hand if you are planning on installing your own landscaping this season.

What Is It?

Treegators, or Gator  Bags as they are sometimes called, are large, heavy duty, plastic bags that can expand to hold 20 gallons of water, and collapse to fit in a very small space.  They are a zip-on drip irrigation system for young trees that are newly planted, or trees that just need more water in the summer months.   They zip to fit around the smaller trunks on trees about 4-5 inch caliper, and contain small holes in the base to drain the water out slowly over an hour’s time, to provide deeper root watering. The targeted drip zone also reduces the water loss that occurs with run-of when you water a tree with a hose or sprinkler.

When To Use Them:

  • The first few weeks after initial planting.
  • During a drought, or if a tree is showing heat stress.
  • When you want to encourage deeper root growth in poor soil
  • When you need to conserve water, reduce evaporation, and reduce run-off.

How Much Do They Cost?

If you purchase a Gator Bag individually , it will run you about 25-30 dollars. Purchased in bulk they are priced at a lower rate.

Why I Like Them:

I like Treegators because they can help take the work out of caring for a transplant.  The bag is easy to fill in minutes, and provides a better and deeper drink for the tree than mere hose watering alone.  The drip irrigation system softens the soil and encourages deeper root growth to create healthier trees in the long term.  In decent soil the bag will only need to be filled once per week, and any homeowner can use one to get their new trees off to a good start.

Treegators can make a great addition to the home tool kit, so for the DIY landscaper or those who want to protect their fruiting and ornamental trees, consider this as a great option to help you keep your trees healthy,

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