Re-using Hardboiled Easter Egg Shells For Wild Birds

Easter Eggs Re using Hardboiled Easter Egg Shells For Wild Birds

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Hardboiled eggs are making their seasonal comeback as snacks, decorations, and salad fixins at the same time that their crushed shells can benefit the local songbird population the most.

Shells dyed naturally, or left plain and crushed, are suitable for use in tray feeders to help birds aid their own digestion, and also build up the calcium reserves that they need for laying strong, shelled eggs themselves.  Birds seek out grains of sand and minerals from the soil year round to help their bodies process food correctly. Boiled crushed egg shells are a hygienic source of food supplementation that your local birds will appreciate, and eat alongside their usual seeds and suet. Spring bird foods offered with crushed plain egg shells are guaranteed to attract mated pairs of songbirds as they instinctively seek food sources to start their un-born young out on a healthy path.  The more calcium eaten, the greater chance birds have of laying hard shelled eggs that will protect their clutch of eggs in the incubation period.

Crush your eggs shells down to the size of a sunflower seed before offering on a feed tray, so birds have an easier time eating them.

TIP: For wildlife-safe décorator eggs, skip the artifical dye and vinegar, and roll eggs in bowls of thawed and heated berries from the freezer section of your local grocery store.  Re-use the crushed berries in muffin and pancake batter for a breakfast treat!

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