When To Complete Spring Mulching

IMG 0057 When To Complete Spring Mulching

Does it matter when you mulch the garden in the spring?  Actually it does!

Mulch is a great organic weed blocker, but it can also be a sun blocker in the spring – which is something you don’t want!  Applying mulch to your garden before the soil has a chance to really warm up from the winter months can slow the development of your garden plants, and prevent the germination of seeds.

What we love about mulch in the summer (cooling the soil, trapping the moisture, blocking the weeds)  has the same effect in the spring, just when you don’t want to sabotage the your future crops, and flowers.

Allow several weeks of progressively warmer weather to thaw and warm the layers of soil that have been deeply frozen through the winter.  In cool climates do not apply mulch until late spring, once all danger of frost has been eliminated. Let the sun hit larger expanses of darker soil, and last year’s decomposing mulch to warm everything up and speed up the growth process.  Instead of early mulching, turn over the soil in the beds with a fork, or garden weasel instead, to get oxygen to the root systems, and work in any decomposing material. In most northern areas May is the perfect month to begin mulching.

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  1. Kim says:

    Ah, THAT’S why I haven’t done it yet…b/c May is the perfect month! (nothing to do with my general-behind-ness)

  2. Amy says:

    See, I’m here to help ya! You’ve still got a month left before you can be marked tardy.

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