When To Move Outdoor Caladium Plants Inside

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Caladium are tropical natives that thrive indoors our out in warm weather, and moist conditions. Once the plant has been growing for about 8 months it will begin to wilt and die back as part of its natural cycle. In cold climates when kept outdoors, the fall months of September through November will trigger sudden complete wilting in the plant.

If nighttime temperatures in your area are beginning to regularly dip below 55 degrees, it is time to dig the plants up, cut off the foliage, and bring the bulb indoors.


How To Save Caladium Bulbs Indoors:

Bulbs can be saved from year to year by dusting them lightly in an antifungal powder like the common athlete’s foot powder you can pick up at your local drugstore. Once the bulb has been dusted, you can store it in a paper bag or container filled with sphagnum moss. Store your bulb containers in a cool dark place between 50 and 60 degrees.

In the late Spring bring them back out to the garden and plant them again for another year of tropical foliage.  For added impact, try adding them to a water garden container or pond.

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