“Women’s Work” Paintings

Screen shot 2010 12 23 at 10 29 34 PM1 293x300 Womens Work Paintings

Girls are made up of sugar and spice no more, and these ‘Do It Yourself’ canvas mavens are ready to take care of business with or without help!

kellyreemsten Womens Work Paintings

Artist Kelly Reemsten has a new, playful take on the “We can do it” art theme made popular by the Rosie the Riveter posters of the 1940’s, and her paintings feature ladies from the neck and waist down in June Cleaver era dresses modeling their jewelry along with accessories like bolt cutters, tree loppers, pipe wrenches and watering cans.  The subject’s ultra feminine clothing playfully juxtaposes ruffles and lace with the wood and metal  tools of an actual household, creating an flirty and confident vibe.  With titles like “Character Assasination,” and “Shear Trouble,” these paintings are a bit of a wink and a smile from the artist to you.

I love, love, love, these prints and paintings for their originality!  Check out the full slide show on Kelly Reemsten’s website, or snag a print from Indiesart.com.

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  1. Bob Watson says:

    There isn’t a print above that my mother’s face could not be “affixed” to. If it wasn’t Rosie the Riveter, it could have been MaryEllen the magnificent. My mother did it all and at the age of 72, she is still doing it. She’s in great health and not on a single perscription. God has blessed my mom.

  2. Amy says:


    Well then, long live MaryEllen the Magnificent – and does she know you call her this?! It would have made one cute Mothers Day card! I hope she remains blessed and in the best of health.

    I had a grandmother who may not have lugged pipe wrenches (that I know of) but who loved to garden, and rarely wore “slacks” herself. She was always wearing brooches, and clip on earrings, and in her 70′s she was weeding on a steep hill, rolled down it, broke her hip, and then continued weeding at the bottom while she waited for the ambulance. Tough women inspire us all!

    Thanks for reading along, and happy gardening!

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